Paul’s best friend, Nute, arrived on the scene of the star’s fatal Nov. 30 crash to try and rescue him from the burning car. However, Nute was physically wrestled away from the vehicle by a policeman in a tragic new photo.

Paul Walker and Roger Rodas were already tragically dead by the time Paul’s best childhood friend, Nute, tried to save the them from the deadly car crash that happened in Santa Clarita, Calif. Nute was so grief-stricken that he reportedly punched a firefighter and was temporarily placed in custody. Read on for more details.

Paul Walker’s Friend Had To Be Wrestled Away From Burning Car

The heartbreaking and horrific photo shows a policeman wrestling Nute just feet away from the burning car after it was clear that it was too late to save Paul, 40, and Roger, 38, TMZ reports.

Paul Walker Car Crash Video Surfaces

Paul’s friends arrived on the scene of the crash quickly, and Nute even brought a fire extinguisher with him to douse the huge flames. He was promptly pulled away by law enforcement when they arrived, and reportedly punched a firefighter, the outlet reports.

Police put Nute and some of Paul’s other friends in custody after the display of violence, but were all let go when the tragic situation was fully realized.

Paul Walker’s Girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard In ‘Anguish’

Paul’s girlfriend, Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell is in “so much anguish” after her boyfriend died in the fiery crashJim Torp, an engineer at the Reach Out Worldwide charity told exclusively.

Jim heard a loud bang about five minutes after Paul, 40, got into a Porsche GT with Roger. Jim’s son was one of the first to arrive on the scene and immediately called his father to give him the horrific news.

“I got a phone call from him and he said it didn’t look good, that from the looks Paul and Roger didn’t make it. Paul’s girlfriend was standing next to me when I got the phone call,” Jim told us. ”When I told her what happened she fell, she collapsed.”

Our thoughts are with Paul’s family and friends at this difficult time.

– Ivy Jacobson

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